We determine the right media mix, assist Clients during the media buying stage, and carry out administrative services for billing, budget value, and budget control.
The buying stage is followed by monitoring the implementation of the campaign and the evaluation of results in terms of returns and advertising effectiveness.

THE BARTER COMPANY draws from a vast number of media sources, certifying our activities through photographic and supporting documentation:

  • TV – national, local, digital and satellite
  • Print – national and local, newspapers, magazines, free press, industry publications
  • Radio – local and national
  • Outdoor advertising – pennants, banners, posters, large formats
  • Transit media – bicycles, trucks, buses, trams, subways
  • Web – banners, demos
  • New media – text messages
  • Movies
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Door to door marketing – flyers, hand-to-hand, hostesses, stewards